i really really really want disney animation to move on to more artistic ways of creating animated films in a very juvenile but extremely imaginative way. such as: styles like in Paperman, humor like adventure time, very illustration-esque line work like in Hercules or the new wave of illustration, stories like Lilo and Stitch and Brave and like sort of Studio Miyazaki-type stuff

they are the top animated film producers in america and they need to not only include diversity within the characters, but also just in their films in general. we already have a bunch of princess/fairytale movies with princes and princesses and i think it’d actually be very smart to move on from that a little bit. It’s kind of touchy having princes and princesses as the primary role models for children anyways.

i think tradition should really be broken in order for the company to survive in the future because generations really are becoming more liberal and want to see something kind of humble and uniquely exciting at the same time. 

I really hope the next generation of workers in animation and imagineering will do something really cool with disney films and even the parks